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639 North Chancery Street

McMinnville, TN 37110


When children are placed in a foster home, they often arrive with only the clothes on their backs. Foster/kinship families accept these children at all hours, including the middle of the night, and attempt to provide a home to these children with their own limited resources. Financial assistance is provided but there is oftentimes a delay between accepting children and receiving funds to help support them. 


A community foster closet attempts to bridge this gap. We hope to act as a resource that foster/kinship families can quickly visit upon receiving a placement and get items these children need such as: clothing, shoes, carseats, and other basic needs, free of charge. Through the generous donation of these items from our local community, foster families will be able to use their own resources in other ways while the children are in their homes. 


Seeking to follow Christ's example to love our neighbor as ourselves and to take care of orphans, My Father's Closet is a tangible way that people in our community can share their resources with others who will be greatly impacted by them.


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